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Laurie Roach

Lau’rie Roach is originally from Atlanta. Re graduated from American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC. Now back in Atlanta, Re has been in productions such as The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, Slur at the Alliance Theatre, and Exit Strategy at Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre Company. Regional credits include; The Legend of Buster Neal at North Carolina Black Repertory Company. Re is extremely blessed to have experienced being part of this amazingly talented cast and crew of Po’ Psi Broke

Reginald Pierre-Louis

Reginald Pierre-Louis - "Broke Brutha Phil"

Kavi Vu

Kavi Vu is a spoken word artist and videographer hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. She considers herself a storyteller who hopes to inspire her audience with her passion for creative freedom, social justice, and cultural awareness. She believes that too many ideas are left unspoken and too many stories are going untold from generation to generation. Through storytelling and videography, she is committed to being a part of the movement that brings more people of color on our screens, on the stage, a

Geena Bocci

Geena Bocci - "Melissa"

Moses Das

Moses Das was originally born in New Delhi, India and came here when he was three years old. He performed in plays throughout his childhood years but didn't get into TV/Film until the ripe age of 23. Besides Po Psi Broke he has been in numerous Indie films, shorts, commercials, and industrials. Besides acting he is a Professional Tennis Coach and professional snacker. You can find him in other films coming soon and also find him in the snack aisle at Wal-Mart.

Naomi Mack

Naomi Mack - "Persia"

Terance TMi  Moore

Terance “TMi” Moore is a native of Kalamazoo, Michigan and rising star in the Atlanta entertainment industry. Known for his “TMi” on camera personality you can see him showcasing his skills through music, comedy and acting. His influences are Ice Cube, Eddie Griffin and Donald Glover.

Devin Miller

Devin Marcus Miller is an Atlanta born and based Actor, Writer and Improviser. Always eager to act, he has worked on everything from big budget to indie/student projects and continues with the latter just to do what he loves. Devin had a blast improvising on set and being one of the go to "We need a better line here" guys. Devin plans to attach himself to all sequels, prequels and the Stretch/Earl spin-off series.

Angie Castillo Davis

Angie Castillo Davis is a Colombian-American actress who hails from sunny South Florida. Angie joins the cast of Po' Psi Broke as "Broke Sister Cissy" in her webseries debut.

Teesha Renee

Teesha Renee - "Broke Sista Lala"

Devon Renell

Hi my name is DevonRenell. I am actor born out nyc. I have starred in many Shakespeare play such as Macbeth , King Lear and many musicals and stage plays Such as To kill a Mocking Bird,The Will Rogers Follies ,42nd St and many more. My love for acting started when I was 15 and I have never stopped but my ultimate dream and goal in life is to inspire the next generation to follow their dreams.

Jason Lauder

Jason Lauder - "Broke Brutha Stretch"

Onye Eme-Akwari

Onye Eme-Akwari - "Broke Brutha Yarvis"

Taylor Bone

-Actor, Writer, Dreamer - Taylor Cameron Bone

Dre Bravo M Headshots-03

Dre is a mercurial actor based out of Decatur, GA. He has been acting for years , mostly in the Atlanta indie film market. Like the actors he admires (Vincent Price & Victor Buono) excels at more quirky roles ( for example, playing a demon in a SAG feature film).

James Johnson

James is an actor/producer that doesn’t like bios :)

Cassidy Kidd

Cassidy Kidd is originally from Nashville, TN. While growing up there she got her start in acting through various theatrical productions, and studied Theatre at Nashville School of the Arts. She has now moved over to the screen, and is continuing to grow her work with Films and Webseries.

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